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About Us
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  First and foremost, the Committee for a Clean Environment does not oppose dredging. We are strictly against the present proposed method and location.

The Committee for a Clean Environment was formed through concerned citizens of the Calumet Region. Together, we work to put an end to the injustice that is forcefully being thrust upon the community.  As a predominately minority area, we felt that someone has to stand up against such prejudice. Hopefully, with the cooperation of the community we can successfully find a non-threatening solution to the problem.






We believe that:

1) a clean environment is a human right;

2) environmental pollution can be reversed;

3) dialogue and concentrated efforts between citizens, government and industry will bring about a just solution.


Mission Statement

The Committee for a Clean Environment is committed to environmental justice by finding and advocating safe methods and procedures as well as by opposing all forms of inequity and hazardous or irresponsible activity and proposals



1) research and dialogue;

2) open forums and press conferences;

3) letter/postcard writing to significant political/press agencies;

4) rallies and signatures;

5) door-to-door coverage;

6) presence during church and town festivals;

7) participation in parades;

8) window signs;

9) comic book;

10) buttons

11) fund-raising;

12) video and drama presentations