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What is a CDF?

A CDF, better known as a confined disposal facility, is basically a dump for hazardous waste.

How does the dredging of the Ship Canal and the construction of the CDF affect me?

The dredging contain dangerously high concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyl's (PCBs), benzene, lead, toluelene, and xylene.  These chemicals are known to cause cancer in adults and are linked to many childhood illnesses including heart defects, permanent brain damage, and learning disabilities. Over a thirty-year period dredging will be dumped in the CDF and left uncapped.  The resulting evaporation will cause the PCBs and other dangerous substances to become airborne and contaminate the surrounding neighborhoods. Dangerously high concentrations of these substances can be carried several miles away from the site.  More than 50,000 people from East Chicago, Hammond, Gary, Whiting, and Calumet City, IL live within three miles of the site.

In addition the CDF will have a far-reaching negative impact on the local economy. The sitting of the CDF will cause real estate prices to plummet.  The loss of equity coupled with the inability to sell one's home will result in financial catastrophy for many families.  In addition, since dumps provide no jobs and only attract other dumps, the proposed CDF will make it difficult to attract environmentally sustainable companies that provide good jobs to the area.

What is environmental racism?

What is environmental justice?